Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's the Most Evilest Day in a Millennium


Is today going to be a day that lives on infamy? Judging by the fact I've heard nothing about anything happening on June 6th, 1006 A.D. I would have to say that no, not much is going to happen. Then again what do I know about the crackpots who might do something big on any given day. So, here's hoping nothing but a whack of horror movie watching! Today, should be (I never want to be certain where anyone else is concerned with doing or not doing something) the opening of the remake of The Omen, good luck to them, I'm not a big fan of the original even. So... let me tell you all a harrowing little tale.

There once was a little boy name Todd who had an older brother named Victor. Now Victor wasn't very nice to Todd and called him names, and sometimes even picked him up and dropped him on his head. One day Todd decided that enough was enough and he would get back at Victor for being so mean to him. So Todd went to the library. Another older boy named Henry hung around at the library all of the time in the back. Henry always wore black and everything had long sleeves even in the hottest part of the summer.

Todd asked Henry, who wasn't so nice either, if he would like to help play a joke on Victor. Henry's eyes lit up and he said that he would. Henry said he even knew what joke to pull already. First though, Henry needed Billy, Victor's cat. Todd went home and waited for the cat to step into the carrier he used as a litter box and then he slammed the door shut. Billy hissed and thrashed around and pitched a fit. Todd carted the carrier out to the street and Henry drove away with Billy who would never be seen again.

Victor looked and looked, then looked some more for Billy the next day. That night Victor cried and sobbed. The day after he moped around. Todd was sad too, but that was going to be price of seeing Victor get what he really deserved. Next, and just to borrow, Todd needed to take Victor's comb to Henry. Henry had everything all laid out: a circle with two squares at ninety degree angles inside it, funny symbols drawn out all over, candles at the corners of the room, all of it on the basement floor below the library.

Todd held Henry's hand and they sang a long slow song with not much of a tune, and a lot of repetition. Then it was done. Henry told Todd to go home and see what they had done to Victor. Comb in hand, Todd rushed home. Inside the front door came the most terrible of smells, all coppery and tinged salty. Blue smoke wafted out of the living room, where the smell seemed to be worse too. Todd went in. Mommy lay in the chair dripping blood on the carpet. Daddy stood in the far corner holding the shotgun Todd was never to play with. In the middle of the floor was a hairy thing, sodden in blood, singed parts still smoking. The thing was wearing Victor's favourite shirt.

Back in the library basement Henry laughed. A ledger lay open in front of him. The day's date was filled in, June 6th, 2006. Next to it were the words, “Final Evil Deed Complete, 6:06:06 p.m. Devil Standard Time. Hello 13th Infernal Crown!“

Have a nice most evilest day in the Millennium!

Mood: mischievous.
Music: Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden and God Bless the Children of the Beast by Motely Crue.

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