Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ye Olde Tome

The first of the month somehow feels like the first of the week. I was just thinking about what I slaved away on all weekend. It was something for RPGing purposes. A while back I had started compiling a bunch of files to make GMing easier. So I was building a huge HTML resource of Palladium Books® materials, notably Rifts®. They made one part easy and gave us a list of all of the Rifts spells for the wizards of all types, the Invocation Spell list. Now this only includes the scholarly types of magic users and excludes specialised schools such Necromancy or Conjuring or Temporal Magic.

So, being the industrious type I went ahead and started files by level for the spells. The list would be a bunch of links to the spells themselves on my computer. Now, this is something that is okay to do for your own personal edification and fun, but under no circumstances should you ever spread around the files to other people because that would be a breach of the fair use rule, and copyright, which is already wobbly at best any more. Remember, buy books! Author's need to make a living.

Well this list was great and all, but Rifts is about a myriad of universes, and Palladium has a number of different game worlds. So, I thought why not make a Megaversal® Invocation spell list. With that in mind, and having only piddled around with it, I decided to make the huge push and finish the list and of course it would link to all of the spells. By time I was done, and this was at the minimum 20 hours of work, I changed the list from 312 spells to 492! The worst of the work, not the longest mind you, was the twenty or so spells I had to hand copy out of books. The rest were scanned and OCRed ages ago, another personally allowed thing but don't share it! Now I have the super source for wizard spells. There are some cool extras. The coolest of course come from a Nightbane® book called “Through the Glass Darkly”. Click the name to buy, it's awesome, and unlike the CDs where I'm affiliated with Amazon I have no such tie to Palladium, it's just they rock so hard! The moral of today's blog? Maybe it's have fun, and don't break the law doing it.

There will be a slight delay before a special blog on 6/6/06.

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