Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

I'm writing this a day ahead so that all I have to do is log in and upload it. What? You think I want to work on a holiday? What do you take me for? A roofing company? Sorry... inside joke, well except for the guys who are outside banging away on replacing the roof. Well, that's assuming they show up as they say, because well it's not tomorrow yet. If something changes this paragraph will disappear and you lovely people will be none the wiser. ;)

What is it to be Canadian? My first thought is to be Canadian is to be so polite that the voices in your head are always polite. When you reach for the salt you ask yourself, “please pass the salt”, then when you have it in hand you thank yourself. Now that's polite! Is it Canadian though? Maybe in a horribly cliche manner. Oh, or how about the retarded cousin to America (hey it's some politician's self-description of the country, don't blame me for it). Is that what it is to be Canadian?

I doubt I'll come up with an answer here. Frankly I do not know. Maybe based on local events and stories of other places, what it is to be Canadian is to be able to do whatever the freak you want and get away with it. Whether it be violent protest with no repurcussion or pure maliciousness cloaked in ignorance... well I didn't know five kilograms of rock dropped several feet onto a vehicle moving dozens of kilometres per hour could be dangerous... If you have no rights but what you can take then that might just be Canadian. Or it could just be a really crappy year where the idiots made the news.

So there were have he good and the bad. If there's any indifferent it's me at this point. Enjoy your holiday!

Mood: festive.
Music: Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden and Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morissette.

Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind
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Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill

Whatever the problem is, Clint Eastwood will fix it...


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