Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead

I Wouldn't Be Caught Dead

Carrying on a bit from last time I thought I'd take some time to talk about ghost hunting, or what crap sometimes passes for it nowadays. You want to know the first hint that you're dealing with frauds, newbies, or just plain idiots? Ask them how many cemeteries they've investigated. A cemetery is pretty much the last place you want go looking for ghosts. Why? Two very good reasons. Both of them involve breaking all the “rules” of why a place is haunted.

First, on the spiritual front, everyone in a cemetery has been laid to REST! :) That's the entire point of a funeral in the first place. Second, from a more rational (not to mention historical) stand point, ghost are always seen at the spot where a tragedy occurred, usually the death of a person. So, unless someone has been buried in the cemetery improperly and not laid to rest, or they died there in the first place, then you're not going to find a ghost. This is not to say that there aren't a very small handful of haunted cemeteries, but they are the places with illegal burials and other funerary shenanigans, or of course deaths. So this is a good first indicator of if your hunters have a clue or not.

Another good indicator is the mind set with which they come to a haunted location. If they come and first do not try to rule out all normal and scientific explanations for the occurrences being witnessed then at the minimum they are not doing their full job. There a number of things that have to be ruled out at any haunting. Such factors involve chemicals, gasses, molds/spores, electromagnetic anomalies, certain sound frequencies, and a number of other things which aren't coming to me. My favourite of the scientific explanations is the sound frequencies. There is one frequency that people do not consciously hear which causes feelings of unease and dread, sets people on edge, and with longer exposures even leads to full-on hallucinations.

I also hate to see a group come in with a psychic right away. Firstly the psychic shouldn't want to waste their time going to a hoax or someplace where nothing actually unexplainable is going on. At the least they shouldn't be going to the place initially in the role of trying to speak to whatever might be there. I'd feel like a total moron if it was nothing, not that the ones you see on TV don't look like idiots anyway, though I presume that's because they've sunk low enough to be on TV ghost shows in the first place. While I am at it dissing people I might as well point out personally I wouldn't deal with anyone who thinks highly of Ed and Lorraine Warren either. Besides that they seem to rub me the wrong way I've seen enough to distrust just about anything they say. Take it for what it's worth, I only do some light reading and have to go by what I've heard reported.

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