Monday, September 25, 2006

Unsafe Horror

Here we go. A couple blogs back I introduced you to the idea of safe horror movies, the one's you can just walk away and not worry all that much about them resulting in fear in the pit of your belly, hours later, when you're lying awake in bed. Now it's time for those movies. Now its time to worry!

How about an example? Well let's start with an obvious one, dying in a nightmare leads to you dying for real. Everyone has nightmares. Sure, not everyone is going to live in a town where they burned an evil man to death, and the dead man seeks revenge. This is opened up because in the first film, there is nothing to say that Freddy Krueger is the only dream killer out there. The fourth film further adds fuel to that fire because it is easily intimated there could be many monsters like him. One for every so big an area, perhaps. The six film brings us, "every town has an Elm Street". Not to mention there are other movies like Dreamscape.

Another category which gets at people are the more realistic horrors. There's a slew of them including nasty nannies, vicious spurned lovers, psycho-killers, etc. These things are out there for real and its all to easy to imagine falling victim to one of these unstable people.

To backslide a bit we also have the pseudo-real things to look out for. Someone could use evil voodoo practices (as opposed to non-evil voodoo practices) against you. You could run afoul of some gypsies and get a curse put upon you, so the movies warn us. Either way, if its real, or you manifest it yourself through your belief that it is real, you're in for some horror. This can slide further toward the unreal if you want to consider a mysterious video tape that when you watch it, the phone rings afterwards, and you have only seven days to live. Or you go camping and knock over some strange pile of rocks...

You're mission, name the films I'm talking about. Go on, it'll be fun. At least two of them have more than one answer.

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