Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Blog Without another "E" Until I Finish

This is a habit that I got into my brain. To say many things all without a particular symbol. So why not pick a most popular symbol to do without. It is hard, of that no doubt is in my mind. To go on and on about a thing with such an omission. So I will try my hand at doing it for this blog. Try to find it in any spot from my start until my final word (not counting my notation of it up top, titular as it is). I should also say that I do this trick without a book of synonyms and it is straight from my brain.

So what to talk about on such an auspicious occasion as this. Many things fill my mind to talk about. Am I nuts for this trial? Or am I crazy in just my normal way? I can't talk about many things with counting digits; though two, four, and six lack this horribly sharp symbol with its multi-branch tracing. I had a talk with an amigo about just this topic a day or so ago, though I did not think that I would adopt it as a blog topic until I sat down today and said, "What I shall I blog about today."

Now to fill you all in about a thing of a bit of import. Soon this month I will start in with many days of film discussion for this month's holiday, you know it, at this month's finish. I will not say it now for it holds our bad symbol in quantity of two. I look forward to sitting and watching my films for this annual party of many days for All Hallow's Night. (Hah, said it without our bad symbol!) It is such fun to watch scary films in a big quantity, though how many I will fit in is a good conundrum to think about. I do not know if I will watch of this list of films but I can talk of this bunch without our bad symbol. I could watch Xtro, Waxwork and Waxwork II, any from my Child's Play group through its first to its third, Jason X, Willard, Lost Souls, Pinata Survival Island, Apt Pupil, It, and Dark City (not so much horror but much fun). This planning is also fun too. So I think this is about it for this blog and I can go on and just say...

Now it is done. :)

Mood: fine and dandy
Music: Frank's 2000" TV by Weird Al Yankovic and Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) by Motley Crue.

Weird Al Yankovic: Alapalooza
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Motley Crue: Dr. Feelgood

Robert DeNiro's mole... has got to be ten feet wide... on Frank's 2000" TV!


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