Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fire and Flood

This past Tuesday was a rather eventful day. In one part of town someone lost their house to arson (apparently). It was a four alarm blaze, which means four separate fire departments showed up to battle it. Meanwhile here, there was flooding in my basement office. Believe me when I say I'm thankful to have been the one with only the water. The sump pump stopped working and the rain water began to fill the basement. I caught it when it had crawled only about a quarter of the way across the floor. I tried to bail it out, first with a mop and bucket, and then with a shop vacuum (wet and dry), but it was a losing endeavour. Fortunately it didn't get so high as to require me to empty the book shelf, though another inch at that end of the basement and I would have had to. As it was I carted a bunch of stuff up out of the way, and shut down all the electronics. Still it put a damper on things, if you'll pardon the bad pseudo-pun.

Now, that explains what happened on the third, but what about four days before that when I missed the blog without so much as a peep? Well, I'd like to say aliens took me, that I was missing time, but as it is I just plain forgot about it until like two days too late, so I decided to wait for the next date, and then that was when the flood hit and I didn't have time for anything other than the quick note that I left, so now you're stuck with this horrible run-on sentence to explain it. Maybe I'm just pacing myself for the frenzy of the thirteen (or so) days of Halloween at the end of the month.

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada (for your international readers who may or may not know) and obviously around this house, and maybe most in town, we're happy to have homes in good shape, wet or not. Not that it's still wet down here or anything. Remember, though, it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving for people to be thankful. Be thankful for something right now. I know you can think of something.

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