Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Thirteen Blogs of Halloween

Here we go! Today is the first of the Thirteen Days of Halloween. I've been waiting for this. This morning I realised something about it though. To watch thirteen movies on thirteen days leading up to and including a movie on Halloween night, I would have to blog about Halloween's movie the following day. So, I should have started last night with the first movie, then that would have... not have really helped the situation any. So, what to do to sort things out?

Well I could talk about the movie that I plan to watch tonight. That might require knowing enough about it to talk about it. Not to mention I would have to pick it out now rather than go by feeling just before I'm ready to watch. What I could do is talk about what I expect from the movie today, and what I got tomorrow. However, what if I watch a movie I've already seen before? Then I'll know what to expect from it. So, that doesn't work so well either. Maybe there will just have to be a compromise. Or maybe, like last year there will really be Fourteen Blogs... My brain hurts like its under attack from a Scanner (you knew this joke was coming).

So, what is the first movie, and have I watched it yet?

Tonight's movie, yet to be watched, is... *drum roll* ... Dee Snider's Strangeland. Dee Snider is the front man (and lead singer) of Twisted Sister. He both wrote, and stars in this movie, which was first shown at a convention for S&M, tattoos and piercings, and such. Why is that, you ask? Strangeland tells the tale of a cop who's daughter goes missing. She was lured into the clutches of a most human monster via an Internet chat room. The man is heavy into neo-primitivism, focused on the painful rights of passage from around the world, and in general the spiritual awakenings coming from such rituals.
What's special about this film? Aside from Dee as the star, and a most excellent part for Robert Englund, this film is definitely erring toward being an unsafe movie. After all, a psycho could grab you and do any and all of the terrible things that happen to the people in this movie.

Mood: straightforward.
Music: The Black Widow by Alice Cooper and Love You to Death by Type O Negative.

Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare
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