Friday, October 20, 2006

Twelve Film Series

I had originally had a thought about doing a twleve days of Halloween song listing movies by their number of sequels, but there was a problem. Nothing has twelve films. If we count Freddy vs Jason as a Friday the 13th for the sake of argument, that still only puts it at eleven Friday's thus far. By the same token FvJ makes for eight Nightmare on Elm Street films. In between the two would be nine Puppet Master movies. An alternate eight would be the Halloween movies. There are Seven Children of the Corn films. Five for the Prophecy movies, or with the pair of prequels we also have five Exorcist films. Four Wishmaster films. Notice I'm still missing a ten. Though we have only three Poltergeists movies. Don't forget 6 is missing, too. Two Waxwork movies. ...and a white rat named Socrates... (guess where that's from!)

Well, that done, I suppose before I move on to tonight's feature I should go back in my mind and tell you about watching Strangeland last night. I have to start by saying I love this movie. Almost everything is perfect. I do have to wonder if I would have caught that really bad mistake with the moving prop if Dee hadn't pointed it out in the commentary and cracked up laughing so much over it. Not that I watched the commentary last night, or in quite a while, but that bit has stayed with me. There are some scenes in that movie that are just so awesome and well thought out and executed. Also the dialog, especially Dee's is just amazing. It was such an (horrific) inspiration.

Tonight's movie is about as classic as a horror movie gets. I always brag and brag about how great it is, how popular it's antagonist is, and I always argue he's the most popular horror icon ever, though I usually refrain from saying it's for four specific reasons. People who know me are groaning and saying, "Oh no, it's another Freddy Kreuger tirade!"

Yes, tonight I cast back to the first, the original, A Nightmare on Elm Street. A film that I might note is now available in a new 2-disc DVD release! *Shakes fist* Something else to repeat buy to get extras I should have got in a boxset but didn't. Still, I intend to get it, and I can probably fairly safely say so should you if
you love the film even half as much as I do. What I remember most about the original film is that it was one of the few horrors I've seen where I just sat there and said, "This is a piece of cinema, not just a movie, but a peice of real art."

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