Friday, June 15, 2007

Ideas, Notes, and Progression

I was doing some cleaning last night around the computer. There is a tonne of notes sitting on the second keyboard—for the second computer, which has not been there for a year or more, but may return soon. Each note page was written in various locations throughout the house and sometimes even outside or in the car. Each note is a flurry of thoughts, ideas, and snatches of stories and conversations as they came to me. What are these ideas for? Short stories, novels, role-playing games, blogs, whatever comes to my mind when I'm not at the computer.

I'm slow to transcribe most of them to the computer. They pile up faster than I deal with them. Even when I put them on the computer they are just in files with names that make perfect sense at the time but become ambiguous later. If the notes are related to a project that I am in the midst of, rather than just the brainstorming stage, then I put the notes in the proper files and folders almost right away. Still they can pile up in their proper places.

Some of the ideas can be rather abstract and need solidification before I can take advantage of them. Sometimes—I think these are the most fun—the ideas are actually questions. The questions can be multiple choices, usual either this or that. Or the questions are just something to ponder.

I threw out a bunch of notes already that have been put to complete use. I also collected a bunch of single thoughts from pages that were otherwise put to use so that got rid of some more of them. Still the stack is pretty thick. It's hard to guestimate how many of the notes have been put to use, how many no longer make no sense—like a beautifully written one that I can't understand what project I was supposed to be applying the idea to, and in what capacity. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

There will be no blog on June 19th so check back on the 23rd. Thanks.

Mood: vacationary.
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