Tuesday, November 01, 2005

13 Days Mean Hitting the Day After

I hope everybody is okay after whatever bingeing occurred last night. I took it easy, myself. I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas in the afternoon, The Crow in the early evening, and after a touch of TV I watched another movie, which I will get to in a moment. My goodies involved a Snickers bar and some Doritoes. Wild party, I know.

I left a movie off of my list yesterday because I wanted to talk about it, and maybe more precisely the importance of where it came from. Out there in the blogosphere it can be hard to tell where everyone is blogging from. I live in lower Canuckia, err I mean Canada so of course I'm going to have some interest in Canadian horror movies. The missing one is pretty recent as far as these things go and it's called “Spliced” though some may find it available under the title “The Wisher”. A girl after seeing a horror movie discovers the story in the film, about a fantastical and violent creature called the Wisher, is true. It's no Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

Of course if we look back to my first suggestion days ago, well of course Scanners is a Canadian movie as well. Speaking of David Cronenberg, that bright fellow also does some acting. He was in another Canadian movie made by somebody else. He played something of a mobster, but not quite. That movie was called “Blood and Donuts”. Its a really offbeat story about a vampire woken from a long sleep, but he doesn't want to feed. He ends up visiting a donut shop regularly and becomes involved in the goings on there against the criminal element.

Now for the movie I watched last night, another of my nation's horror movies. It has a pair of sequels already so definitely it made its money. I watched, “Ginger Snaps”, which is a werewolf movie. The title is kind of funny, and as you might guess has nothing to do with the tasty cookies those two words bring to mind. It has a little bit of quirk to it, which is like a Canadian prerequisite for home-grown horror movies, but otherwise its pretty straightforward. The actress who plays Ginger later had the honour as one of the teens to be slaughtered, Gibb, in Freddy vs. Jason.

Thus ends thirteen days of suggestions. Back to my more or less regular blogging schedule.

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