Sunday, November 20, 2005

Are You Receiving the Transmission?

Sorry for leaving such a dead spot in the blogosphere but first I wanted to let my little announcement/memorial stand for a bit longer than usual and then I ran into a connection problem. I have to make this quick I have no idea how much longer the browser will work.

First up I would like to announce that November 20th until 26th is the official National Games Week, at least in the state, but I like to think of it as international. Due to that little fact I am gearing up to run another massively scaled, incredibly wildly fun, special scenario for my play by email role playing game. If I can squeeze in the time I'd like to get my game site updated with the stories from last year's games week extravaganza. The impact of those encounters are far reaching and still reverberate through the game to the current time frame. They will continue to effect events into the far foreseeable future. We can only hope this year's scenario will be as influential and full of repercussions/significance.

Things are progressing slowly and surely on my company website, sadly most of the work is all but invisible. On a related note I think a design for my e-book selling pages are forming in my head. I hope to try some of them out very soon. The link to that area has been established but I have a rather pathetic coming soon page sitting there currently. I hope it doesn't turn people away. Certainly its no worse than any other coming soon page but just because its a consistent pathetic doesn't make it any more embarrassing. Oh well, at least it won't be sitting there as long as some pages like that that I've seen.

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