Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Sound of Gunfire Resulting

The week is going not quite as I planned it. I started on Sunday by sending out the preliminary move for the game. There was a flurry of email of which I received the compiled version of from two of the players. The third player I caught up with on Tuesday. That was when I fizzled. Yesterday I did nothing to further the game. Thus far today I have nothing. Hopefully later tonight I can get back on track, but as far as weeks go I think this one is half over. Maybe I shouldn't have gone with a plot that required planning and forethought on the players part. They've been doing a bang up job, but its not a fast moving proposition by design essentially. Still, I guess I can't complain, at least doing the planning quickly has to count for a lot. It could take significantly longer doing it by the normal timing.

One of the things I have slowed for is getting some extra help toward marketing my fiction. I don't say much about it, but being part of an organisation with goals aligned with yours is a great boon. A job that requires pretty much only you and a computer is distinctly benefited by a network of people doing the same thing and taking a bit of their time to both commiserate about and celebrate the joy of it. The prestigious group that I am affiliated with is the venerable Horror Writers Association. I just realised it's been almost three years since I joined. My how time flies when...

Things are progressing on my own company's first e-book. I filled out the forms earlier in the week for the ISBN number. That's going to take a few days. I've also been working on the bookstore mini-site. There is a sales page obviously, links to the front cover and at this point undone back cover, and a page full of teasers for the stories. I may or may not provide a couple samples pages from one of the stories. On the other side of things I think I might include a short foreword in the book talking about where the stories came and why the book is divided into the two sections that is. Choices, choices!

Mood: winding down
Music: (We Were) Born to Rock by Quiet Riot and Metal Tears by Battlezone


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