Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wild-Eyed Early

This time there isn't a single excuse to be given at all. I just haven't fulfilled my obligation to blog. Plain and simple.

The National Games Week bonanza came to an end, not with a bang, or a thwak, just a whimper. That is not to say that the revised goal I set was not met, but you know, unmet expectations feel the same whether or not there is a logical reason, or the one who set them is to blame for their non-achievement.

I'd like to report vast strides in the completion of my first e-book but honestly I haven't had any time to work on the editing. Soon it's going to be crunch time and I'm going to work on it like a madman but so far not yet. Maybe today I can get some work done on it seeing how crazy early I'm up. I received the ISBN for the book, so soon I'll put up the pre-order, which pretty much just will amount to an email link that with some browsers and email clients will open a new email addressed to me, with the subject header filled in. Some software doesn't do the subject and that's because they're obviously not following the standards that they should be.

Now I feel like I should talk about something dark and scary. How about, not having the slightest clue what to get certain people for Christmas? Messing that up can be pretty scary. Visiting certain people for the holiday make for some pretty dark days. This reminds me, I don't have any scary holiday stories of my own written yet. The closest was a story about a scary movie coming out for the holiday season. It may be just as well I haven't drawn the ire yet of anyone looking out to bash anything not cheery and perfect for the approaching season. Nothing says controversy like Christmas-themed horror movies. People will jump all over them without the slightest clue about what they are about. Give Santa an axe and watch the slurs against the director and producers fly!

If you can find it check out a copy of Silent Night, Deadly Night. I describe it as the Carrie of slasher films which is pretty high praise. Need a review? Check out... Bob's Reviews: Silent Night, Deadly Night.

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