Thursday, December 01, 2005

Burn the Witch!

It has begun!

I put five new movie reviews at Bob's Reviews. The easiest way to access them is to follow this link... Bob's Reviews Updates. Already I've run into one problem when I viewed them in Firefox.

It appears that Firefox is not any better than Netscape for following the W3C specifications for HTML, CSS, nor the specifications for Java, Javascript or even freaking Perl which is anti-MS as it gets. It just totally ticks me off that they think they don't have to follow international standards. It's no wonder I ardently stand behind Internet Explorer from Microsoft. In Internet Explorer the international standards work. In Internet Explorer text at 200% is twice the size of text at 100% unlike in Firefox and Netscape where 200% really equals 150%. In Internet Explorer a space is a space is a space unlike Firefox where a space can be a space or "& n b s p ;" or %20 or apparently an A%20. In Firefox a link clicked is not the same as a link entered or edited by hand, what a piece of garbage.

In Firefox 100 pixels is less than 100 pixels in Internet Explorer where Internet Explorer matches up with every graphics program I can find. I'm just waiting to find out that Firefox has Netscape's old problem where 100 pixels on the left edge of the browser equals only 99 pixels on the right, yet you cannot balance it out by adding a pixel to the short side because then you end up short on the unaltered side suddenly.

While I'm at it, why does Firefox give you ten seconds to update it on a seemingly random schedule? I'll be sitting there using it to test out pages and suddenly this little pop-up appears telling me there's an update and before I can get at the mouse the pop-up is gone and there's no easily distinguishable place I can find to make the update happen other than wait for the pop-up's next mysterious appearance.

So, I'm going to attempt to fix these five pages for Firefox, but otherwise I'd just like to tell people using it, that if web pages at my site, and web pages from the enormous high tech company CNET, as well as scripts from Google, and/or scripts from Amazon don't look right, it's your fault for using Firefox and you should get a browser that ****ing works.

Mood: pissed
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