Monday, July 30, 2007

Best Necrotised Foot Forward

The other day I answered a survey about DVDs. When questions came up regarding as to which genres I was buying I noticed something I felt was interesting. For the Horror genre, they had chosen what might be an obvious choice, but at the same time made me wonder, is this really the best representative for the genre currently. Their choice of representative for horror was the movie Saw. I have to admit I haven't seen this movie yet myself. As such I cannot judge whether this is an excellent choice or a poor choice or anywhere in between.

I have a fair idea I think in regard to what Saw is about, and as far as the sub-genre I believe it belongs in, I have to think, based on reviews, that it sounds like the best example of that kind of movie. This is without regard to the film's popularity, and obvious success. Saw seems to be one of those father films that spawn a lot of progeny. People saw (oh the pun!) how well it did and started making their own movies in the same vein. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are differentiating yourself rather than being derivative. So, we have Saw, and then we have others like Hostel and Touristas just for example. Of the batch of them I think I'm only interested in seeing Saw.

Back to the representation aspect I do ask, is Saw the best foot forward? The survey is just naming a movie that I as a buyer in the genre am likely to have heard of, but what went into their decision to use it as the sole example? I have to ask, given that the first Saw film is not that new, why not say The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as an example? Either the remake or the original could be held up as an example of which people have heard. The remake spawned its own sequel, which in context says great things about it, given the number of sequels out there from the original. What movie would you pick to be representative of the genre, and at the same time be popular enough for practically any moviegoer/watcher to have heard of it?

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