Saturday, June 23, 2007


I do a lot of research, maybe an inordinate amount. I think it helps. I also think that while the results are helpful the act of doing it can be a serious inhibitor. It certainly impinges on my time. I find it very easy to get lost in the work of doing research, even though I do nearly if not all of it online. I also think I tend to bog myself down in minutiae. Though sometimes that can make for good results.

The hardest research has to be to find out the simplest things. This is because often they are just plain neglected, and no one bothers to think about them. A good example was when I went looking to find out the different widths for different rivers. There is all sort of data about how much water flows down some of these rivers, but practically nothing on how wide they are, or how deep. I would think it might be good to know how deep some body of water is if you expect to take a boat down it.

The research I do is for just about every project as soon as I reach the point where I have to say something that should be easy to say, but it isn't because it’s a knowledge gap, or I haven't seen anyone just stop to ask the right question. Sure there are some things you can fake, but the more likely the reader is going to know if you faked something badly the more you have to be on the ball about it.

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