Tuesday, October 30, 2007

13 Nights of Halloween:
Night #12: The Gravedancers

Tonight, as promised, I have another movie from After Dark Films
The Gravedancersand their 8 Films to Die For that was a part of the annual independent horror film festival Horrorfest in 2006. The movie is "The Gravedancers" and apparently it is the one (of the eight) with stars in it you may have heard of, starting with Dominic Purcell who can be seen currently in "Prison Break" on TV. Up next is Clare Kramer who you Buffy fans will recognise as Glory/Glorificus from season five. Then we have Josie Maran who was in "Van Helsing". Also, Tchéky Karyo, who played the parapsychologist, is a respected and popular actor in French movies.

When I was seeing the commercials for the 8 Films to Die For there were short bits with one or more pale monstrous looking people--not seen together, don't want to give the wrong impression--that immediately grabbed my attention and made me say I have to see the movie that those flashes of scenes are from, have to. Well when I ordered a pair of the eight movies, and I popped the first one in, I found that movie, and its "The Gravedancers". I was not disappointed, those figures are awesome and this movie rocks. I expected something of a different kind of haunting story than what I got, but the actual difference more than made up for it. Enjoy!

Mood: thrilled.
Music: Halloween by Aqua.

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