Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Darkness Trod These Halls?

Oh the horror! What a nightmare. If only there had been another way. If only if it was anything like the last three sentences. :) I went back to my old high school (graduate class of 1991) today for a community given flu shot. The place hasn't changed a whole lot. There was some sort of added on office in the one corner of the foyer along with a pair of soda and water vending machines. There was an elevator at the stairwell just before the cafeteria, and other than that what I saw was much the way I left it. Fortunately I didn't see a single person there that I knew. I did see the big picture frames with the recent graduating classes going back to a few years before mine even. So what could have been a total nightmare worked out just fine.

Too bad the weather wasn't nicer. When I got up it was dark and it never got much brighter all day if at all. It rained, and thundered and lightninged, and the wind whipped around. The wind wasn't as bad as elsewhere like say Hamilton where a road was closed because of debris on the road blown off of the hillside, and a school is closed tomorrow because its missing windows and bits of its roof, and lightning struck a church with a preschool in the back. So I guess I shouldn't complain about the weather I got. I also shouldn't speak or type this too loudly but I didn't have an appreciable blackout or an Internet disconnect as of yet.

I did reboot the computer to fix a dead browser but I won't complain about that either. I managed seven days without a reboot or a connection problem. The problem I was having seems to be pretty much fixed by maintaining a web page that constantly updates itself, like a web cam page. I guess it's been a couple weeks now that I've been watching a dentist's office in Japan. I haven't seen much of anything, just people coming and going and the staff doing its work. It's not big enough or tight enough for clear faces or anything, but its acceptable. Who know's what I'm doing to their bandwidth, but obviously they don't have a cap.

When I first tried this approach to my computer's web health I killed the first site, ate all of its daily bandwidth allowance. I'll smartly not say who's cam that was. This prompted me not to set up my own constantly (re)loading page because I know even a trickle of bandwidth over a month really racks up the numbers. I don't even recall offhand if my own site has a measure of the bandwidth or if I could just slam into the cap and start accruing additional cost because that's what mine does. So maybe it's a good thing that other person's site had a daily allotment and that was it.

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