Sunday, October 28, 2007

13 Nights of Halloween:
Night #10: Dark Water

Tonight's movie is the original Japanese version of the movie "Dark
Dark Water (Japanese)Water". I picked it over the American remake only because I've seen the original and not the remake. I fully intend to see the remake because Jennifer Connelly is in it. That isn't really here or there though. The version of "Dark Water" I saw, was I must say not only the Japanese, but it was actually dubbed in English. Yeah I know, I should be that last one to watch a dub, but I did in this case since I wasn’t the one who rented it and had final say. As far as dubs go I have little to nothing to complain about it, other than of course a dub is never actually any better than the subtitled version.

I think I should start with a bit of vetting. I've seen only a small handful of Japanese horror movies outside of horror, and horror-inspired anime--those that have monsters, ghosts, etc, but are focused on other elements like action, comedy, or drama. I've seen the original Japanese version of "Ringu", and the American remake "The Ring". I've seen only "The Grudge" remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar and not the original as yet. Out of the three, Ring, Grudge, and Dark Water well you're reading about the one I picked. This one as far as I'm concerned is the creepiest and has the strongest horror of the pack. I can only imagine that watching it subtitled is even better.

Mood: excited.
Music: Halloween Theme by John Carpenter.

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