Wednesday, December 19, 2007

C"hair"ity: Giving your Hair to a Charity

On Wednesday December 12th I went to a local hairdresser and got a haircut. Lots of people do it all the time. I however had not had my hair cut in just about two years. Why would I do that? For starters I had always wanted it long. However, past a certain point though I would have had a haircut except for one thing. Local newspapers ran stories throughout the past few years about children giving away their hair to other children who no longer have hair as a result of the A,B,C's of hair loss: Alopecia, Burns and Cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatments

Here is where I went to give my hair to a charity...
Angel Hair for Kids

Here is the donation form...
Donation Form

Here are the guidelines...

It is easy to do, and if you plan ahead you don't have to do anything too drastic either. As the guidelines say, you have to put it in a braid and it must be ten inches or longer. What I did was make sure that my ponytail (which I had done by the hairdresser just before she cut it) was longer than that minimum. Might was about thirteen inches to the very tip.

See photos at R.M.T.P. Co.

This is it until after Christmas (for real this time). See you at New Years or in the new year.

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