Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Anatomy of a Horror Setting #3: Governmental Psychic Uses

Oh that I could be the first to touch upon this subject. The fact of the matter though is that military and espionage psychics go way back. I do not think that I would be surprised to find out that these esper (psychic) agents are rooted further back in "fact" than they are in fiction. I have neither the time, will, or government security level to try to determine the truth of this matter. In fact even trying to find out such a thing could cost a person life, limb, possibly their personality, or sanity. If you were to find out something, you might not even know it more than a few hours or a couple days, then you would no longer know it. It would be taken right from your mind as if it was never there. That's what they do.

Well, that is what they would do if they had people with the necessary powers. As it stands, while the governments of the world have tried to harness psychic powers to their advantage documents have been released abroad about how these tests have gone no where and produced no useful results really. Or so they'd like us to believe! Strangely enough the real US government project that looked into remote viewing was called the "Stargate Project". For those that don't know, remote viewing is the described ability of being able to see and hear things going on in a location that the psychic is not physically at, and in some cases has never been to in their life. Sometimes the person is given a picture to work from, and other times they are not, but either way they can be aware of what is at that location and events that happen there.

So in answer to last Anatomy's blog, what would governments do about psychics? They would put them to use. Besides using psychics to spy in almost conventional ways, working like cameras or recording devices, and stealing secrets from people's minds without them knowing it has happened, another great use would be to be to become aware of events before they have actually happened. Traditional data gathering and spy work yield discoveries about plots, and can even be helpful in predicting events. Now how much powerful could national and international security be if agents of the government could see the future and not only know that something will indeed happen, but also be able to detail how it happens, what unfolds step by step, and who is involved? Next time we'll look at esper versus esper.

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