Wednesday, October 31, 2007

13 Nights of Halloween:
Night #13: Wrong Turn

It's Halloween! Yay! Tonight's movie is "Wrong Turn" starring Eliza
Wrong TurnDushku. Don't be confused by the other movie of the same name that came out a couple of years later. There is a Wrong Turn II also, which is the sequel to this one. As long as you have Eliza you've got the right one, she's on the cover of the DVD box. Also of note is horror veteran Julian Richings who was in "Urban Legends" and Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital". Speaking of King, note that Eliza's character is named Jessie Burlingame. Cute eh? Also in the cast we have both Lindy Booth and Kevin Zegers who were in the "Dawn of the Dead" remake.

Once again we are graced with a movie bearing special effects by Stan Winston. The three characters he visually created with his designs and makeup effects are spectacular. Now I'm going to tell you my biggest impression of this move. This movie is in many ways what the "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" remake should have been like (I like the remake, don't get me wrong), particularly up until the movie's turning point. In particular is the absolutely stunning scene that is exactly right straight out of your worst nightmare ever. That's right, this has one of the "nightmare moments" I was talking about the other night, and wow, is it nightmarish. You've got to see it! Happy Halloween everyone!

Mood: thrilled.
Music: Halloween by Helloween.

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